Start Date : 22 April - 10 May 2017
Last Date of Registration : 12-15 May 2017
No. of Classes/ Sessions : 16
Duration : 1 Hour
Total Hours : 200 hours
Time : 6.00 - 8.00 pm
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Course Details
Start Date: 22 April - 10 May 2017
Last Date of Registration: 12-15 May 2017
Course Fee: 1000
Vanue: Daffodil Family Tower (Level-7), House # 11, Road # 14, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209.

Who Can Attend?

This course is designed for the professionals who want to be faster and better than any other in GRAPHIC DESIGNING and smarter - make the difference clear ahead in INNOVATIVE DESIGN CREATOR.


Interactive Lecture, Power Point Presentation,Lab Classes, Case Study,Group Work,Real Time Projects, Handout etc

Special Note
Registration: 22 April - 10 May 2017
Interview: 12-15 May 2017/td>
Admission: 1000
Certificates: Daffodil Family Tower (Level-7),House # 11, Road # 14, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209.

Effective Use of Google

Objective of this Training
This training is for peoples, who would like to take the opportunity to earn money from the internet both with little skill and high skills. This will provide you with a list of GENUINE, LEGITIMATE and SCAM FREE online money earning ways and a comprehensive guide about the various money making programs and opportunities available in the internet. As a freelancer, you can work independently from any where of the world even without skill. It is like online business, buying and selling products using different sites. For an example, Google Adsens, Digital marketing, Graphic Design Article Writing, Article Editing, Data Entry, paid to click, paid per click and outsourcing. The Workshop has been designed to highlight on effective and proven ways of improving your monthly revenues through various online money making tools.

Training Overview & Outline

Our Freelancing and Outsourcing workshop’s topics given below

  • Introduction to Outsourcing
  • Creating perfect Freelancer Profile
  • Findout the Appropriate Work/Job
  • Facing Successful Interview
  • Achieve Client Satisfaction
  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • Category Selection based on skills
  • Writing an Effective Cover Letter
  • Complete Hiring process
  • The Payment Method system
  • Freelancing Market Places
  • Skill test technique & retake system
  • Successful Bidding Techniques
  • Handle project professionallyManage Reviews and Ratings